Megan’s letter to the House of Commons – trying to protect womens’ rights to independent midwifery care

Today i explained to the children thatin October 2013 independent midwives will become illegal. They were shocked. Sam said ‘the government are mean!’. As we speak my beautiful daughter is writing a letter to Mr Cameron. It says -

Megs Letter In Support of Independent Midwives

Dear Mr Cameron. My name is Megan and I am 9 years old. My Mummy is an independent midwife. When I grow up I might want an independent midwife to help me in labour. Please please please ! do not change the law in October 2013 or find some insurance for independent midwives. Then I will be able to choose a midwife like Mummy when I am older. The ladies Mummy helps in labour need her.

Thank you
Megan.Megs Letter to Mr Cameron


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