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A response to Megs letter direct from 10 Downing Street

Quiet personable I thought.  Let’s hope the Department of health are as amenable. Share

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Signs of tongue tie

I can honestly say that the vast majority of times I am called for breastfeeding advice there is a tongue tie involved.  So often they are missed – not necessarily because of bad practice but becasue we are all still … Continue reading

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Response from the House of Commons regarding the demise of independent midwifery

To follow will be my response to Mr Desmonde Swayne.  Paragraph 4 is talking about working a model within the NHS, which is not what we were asking about.  This of course means that all maternity care will come from … Continue reading

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A week in the life of an independent midwife and mother of 3

Monday The day starts as a typical school day.  Drop off at 08.30 then Joe and I go back to the house to do our chores.  The washing pile is starting to take over the whole bedroom and I feel … Continue reading

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A short explanation of placenta encapsulation

The placenta is an amazing organ.  It keeps your baby alive and after birth it is full of nutrients and hormones which your body is depleted of at the time of birth.  All other mammels eat thier placenta after birth.  … Continue reading

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Mother the Mothers.

As a midwife you would expect that the most questions I get asked are about pregnancy and the birth.  Of course it is true that couples do ask about these things but when I run my Beautiful Births antenatal classes … Continue reading

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