A short explanation of placenta encapsulation

The placenta is an amazing organ.  It keeps your baby alive and after birth it is full of nutrients and hormones which your body is depleted of at the time of birth.  All other mammels eat thier placenta after birth.  This is not only to hide evidence of the young from preditors but also to give them energy and replenish thier stores.  Many humans find this idea repulsive and so encapsulation is a way of ingesting the placenta without eating it!  (although you can make a smoothie out of it too which we are told is delicious)

I collect the placenta from you after birth.  It is then dried and ground into powder and then put into capsules so you get a jar (usually around 150-200) full of capsules.  Your individual situation determines how many you take in a day – so we can discuss that.

There are no scientific studies on the benefits of humans ingesting placentas or indeed capsules but there is lots of growing anecdotal evidence.  The women we  have done this for all say that they felt energised, less ‘blusey’.  The evidence internationally seems to suggest reduction in postnatal depression and a sense of increased well being which helps adaptation to motherhood.  The women all report amazing milk production too!

I recently did an encapsulation for a friend.  Another mutual friend said “have you seen xxxxx recently?  She is glowing.  I tell you, whatever she is on I want some of it!”  I smiled as I knew what she had been on!

We try and pick the placenta up on the birth date but occasionally there may be a day or so delay.  We aim to get the capsules to you after 24 -36 hours (takes about 20 hours to make) so that you get the benfits straight away.  You ususally take them for around 6 weeks and any left overs can be frozen and kept for the menopause.

Have you had your placenta encapsulated?  How did you feel?  What was your milk production like?  What was your experience?  Please leave comments below.  I’d love to hear about it……..

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