Why I choose to work privately

Caring for families as well as mums

Dedicated and hardworking profesionals are working in the NHS, in a system which is experiencing difficulties.  Managers and midwives strive to give the best care they can and are constantly trying to improve the systems they work in.  The reality is that in a system where many women are giving birth and staffing and budgets are low nationally, some women feel they do not receive individualised care and feel they need a more personal relationship with their midwife. Research shows that post traumatic stress disorder is rising after childbirth and I really believe lack of time with a midwife, resulting in fear in labour contributes to this. With supportive, informative, reassuring antenatal classes and care with the same midwife, labour outcomes are dramatically improved for both mother and baby.  Likewise, time to help with breastfeeding means that problems may never arise in the first place. Postnatal care up to 28 days help with the transition to parenthood, relationships and postnatal depression.

Government health proffesionals have acknowledged that independent midwifery care is the gold standard that the NHS should strive for.

Wessex Independent Midwives and Beautiful Births provide private maternity care in Ringwood, Bournemouth, Poole and the surrounding areas within 45 minute drive (approx).  These include New Forest, Verwood, Wimborne, Fordingbridge, Salisbury, Bournemouth, Poole, Southampton, Blandford, Ferndown.  Working independently I truly feel part of the community.  I value this role and really enjoy working with women in my local area.

Even though I choose to work privately I am governed by the Nursing and Midwifery Council.  I abide by the midwives’ rules and code of practice.  I have a supervisor of midwives who I meet with regularly.  He monitors my work and ensures I am up to date and practising safely so you can be assured of my skills.

Royal College of Midwives

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