Breastfeeding Workshop

Many women feel anxious about breastfeeding, or just want to know more. Just becasue it is natural doesn’t mean it is always easy.  Breast feeding is a learned skill.  Girls in other cultures learn by watching their mothers and grandmothers feeding but we don’t always have that luxury.  Some women have never held a baby or seen a baby feed so how are they supposed to know how to do it themselves?

These workshops help to dispell breast feeding myths and equip you with techniques for succesful breast feeding.  Partners are encouraged to attend.  Together we will explore the following topics, and any issues, concerns or questions you have about breastfeeding

  • reasons for breastfeeding
  • dispelling breastfeeding myths
  • anatomy and physiology of the breast
  • understanding how we make milk
  • positioning and attachment
  • avoiding breastfeeding problems
  • discussion about individual concerns.

This workshop can be in a group or one to one setting.  The price is £40 in a group and £85 one to one.  Please contact me to book.

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