Mother and Baby Group

The Mother and Baby group is an ideal way of meeting new Mums.  Supporting each other in a safe environment. 

Our mother and baby classes also teach you the following:

  • how your birth affects you and your baby and how to support your baby in this transisiton
  • How to aid bonding with your new baby
  • Understanding your baby’s cues and cries
  • Tips to soothe baby colic
  • How to deal with unsettled evenings
  • Sleep
  • An introduction to babywearing
  • Feeding support
  • Help you to feel more calm and confident as a new mother.
  • Provide an all important social activity for you and your baby
  • We also spend some time doing some baby massage

This class will not tell you how to parent- but give you the knowledge and skills to know what is best for your baby. This is a great mother and baby class for mums only, most suited to newborn babies from birth to 20 weeks of age.

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