Breastfeeding Support

I am passionate about breastfeeding and have facilitated breastfeeding workshops and breastfeeding support groups.

Having breastfed my 3 children all with different experiences, I feel I can understand your point of view as a mother as well.

Unfortunately the art of breastfeeding is being lost as we do not see it in our everyday lives anymore.  Just because it is ‘natural’ doesn’t mean it is easy.  How are you expected to know how to do it if you’ve never seen it done before?!

The concerns you may have about breastfeeding are all avoidable with knowledge and skills.  My role is to empower you by equipping you with this knowledge and these skills and guide you and support you in your breastfeeding.

Antenatal breastfeeding workshop

  • Antenatal preparation for breastfeeding
  • reasons for breastfeeding
  • anatomy and physiology – understanding how we make milk
  • positioning and attachment
  • avoiding breastfeeding problems
  • discussion about individual concerns.

Postnatal breastfeeding support

Please contact me if you are having difficulty feeding your baby.  Often one visit can help solve the issue.

Erika was fantastic and helped us make the small but giant leap in getting to breasfeed successfully; by providing the right piece of help at exactly the right time. Three weeks in our post forceps baby was still not breastfeeding. I had done all the good groundwork of skin on skin, pipetting expressed breast milk and getting good quality time around the breast, etc. but being overwhelmed at the time as to how to progress and being somewhat distraught at the journey so far we needed that little bit of extra help. Erika assessed us both carefully and made just the right intervention which meant we started proper breastfeeding that very evening. We haven’t looked back since and now, 2 months on, we are happily breastfeeding and grateful for it!! Thank you Erika. Highly recommended to other mums..
Jo Osborne.

£45 per hour (paid to the nearest 15 mins)

Breastfeeding support package

3 visits postnatally at a time of your choosing.  We can ensure good positioning and attachment techniques and spot any potentail difficulties sooner rather than later with a view to easier start to breastfeeding.  Call me after the birth and we can arrange the first visit.

‘Breastfeeding my daughter Mari has been challenging at times.  I felt that I needed more support and was very grateful when our homeopath recommended Erika.  Erika visited me at home and gave me lots of invauable advice which gave me the confidence to carry on.  She also helped me to resolve a tongue tie issue which had gone unoticed at Mari’s birth.  It made a real difference to the breastfeeding as I found it very uncomfortable up to that point.  Now Mari is almost five months old and we are a happy breastfeeding team.’  Connie

In summary:

  • Visits at a time of your choosing
  • Phone support as needed
  • Referral to other health professionals as needed
  • Checking your breasts for infection and referral as needed
  • Advice and guidance on positioning, physiology of breastfeeding, techniques for ‘tricky’ feeders.

The breastfeeding package is £160 when booked antenatally.

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