Birth Debriefing

Second opinions and debriefing sessions

If you have had a challenging or difficult time in your previous pregnancy and birth debriefing that experience can help you focus positively on this pregnancy and alleviate fears.  I strongly recommend this process to anyone who had a traumatic time previously.  You can write to the head of midwifery at your local unit for this service.  She will show you your notes and explain it all to you. You may even be able to meet the midwife who cared for you. If you feel you need more input I offer debriefing sessions too.

Sometimes you may need to discuss issues in your pregnancy with a midwife in an unrushed, relaxed manner.  Or maybe you need a second opinion.  I will never tell you what to do but can offer my knowledge on the research and evidence surrounding the issue.   I offer consultations in your own home to discuss your needs and explore your options.

These are charged at £70 per hour session

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