Postnatal Care

Sometimes parenthood can feel daunting and I feel a familiar friendly face, loving support, guidance and reassurance is vital. Some women need reassurance adjusting to their postnatal body, guidance on caring for the new baby and coping with changes in sleep patterns and feeding routines

  • Routine postnatal care for you and baby, checking for recovery after the birth, signs of infection or illness
  • Routine screening if required
  • Appropriate referral to other health professionals if needed
  • Baby care
  • Support with coping with a new baby
  • Help with breastfeeding
  • Help with bottle feeding
  • Access to advice via the phone
  • Contraception advice
  • Advice on registering your baby
  • Advice on keeping your baby safe
  • Up to 10 visits at your chosen times until the baby is 28 days old

Unfortunately in some areas, constraints in the NHS have resulted in postnatal care being cut back.  This is a precious and special time.  I think this is tragic (as do many NHS midwives and managers) as supportive midwifery care at this time can make all the difference to your experience of adjusting to the newest member of your family.

Beautiful Births aim to provide a high standard of care, not only checking on both yours and your baby’s physical well-being but supporting you in your role as parents and helping to relieve your anxieties.  This package is particularly beneficial for help establishing breastfeeding.

I  am insured through the Royal College of Nursing  for the antenatal and postanal care.

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