Thank you just doesn’t seem sufficient for all you’ve done for us over the last few months……

You’ve kept me sane nad helped me defy the label of ‘high risk’ and most importantly really enjoy the pregnancy.  You encouraged us to question things and have the courage not to become another NHS number or statistic.

You reallu have gone above and beyond our expectations and we’re so glad we booked with you and hope we weren’t too much of a challenge!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Love Judith, Jack and Xander

Dear Erika

I think I’ve let you know what a godsend you’ve been throughout but just in case you didn’t get the message…..

I’m so glad i found you and shared this amazing time with the best midwife a girl could wish for.  i mean that.  Thank God for you!

All our love S, C, and S

Erika, Thank you for being with us and advising us on a truly amazing journey.  You allowed me and empowered me to trust my body to behave the same as anybody elses – achieving something natural.  We’re immensely proud of the ‘life-opening’ that we jointly achieved for Isaac and feel privileged to have been given this opportunity.

For the ongoing encouragement to continue to respect Isaac as a person and to continue breastfeeding; forthe research and services beyond your ‘contract’ to help us parent Isaac normally; for all the contacts you put is in touch with along the way …. and for sharing your wonderful family with us at Beaulieu; for staying with us in hospital; for coming into theatre with me; for defending our choices; for just being at the end of the telephone; for all the letters written; for the fun and joy you’ve brought to our pregnancy and beyond; for not judging me and us.  How can we ever thank you.

You turned our experience of pregnancy around and brought hope and possibility where there was increasing doubt and despair.

You truly are a blessing to all you meet (and especially to us) and we thank God for bringing you in to our lives.  My son’s beginning will always have you at the centre.

Forever grateful

With love and sincere gratitude Louisa, Stephen and Isaac

“I can highly recommend Erika Thompson. Not only is she extremely personable, but her knowledge and help is invaluable. I have a 10 week old son and have been in excruciating pain breastfeeding. She has helped me with that, and also I’ve been on the ‘baby and me’ course and the antenatal class. I feel a million times more confident through her classes and many people have noticed”  Charis Parr-Helyer

So enjoyed last weeks class and both myself and Florence are already feeling much calmer and I feel I’m bonding more with her too :) Laura

An enjoyable and informative workshop that really builds your confidence and gives you a better understanding of your baby’s behaviour. The skills we learnt in the workshop were put to the test with a friend’s baby the very same day, to great effect! It has made me feel a lot more relaxed about the arrival of our own little one in a few weeks time and I am looking forward to the postnatal BabyCalm course which I have already signed up for. Would definitely recommend this workshop! Sarah Q

Dear Erika,
We can’t thankyou enough for our lovely classes we attended,they were personal & made all the husbands feel at ease also as well as us women & essentially the husbands are left feeling a crucial part of the birth to come,& understand all the changes etc we will go threw & we both now know our options & what more to expect.
You put things across in a way we could all follow & made it fun also,
We now feel as prepared as we can be’ for the forth coming birth of our little one.
We will be recommending classes etc to all our friends in the future as we have felt we’ve really benefitted from them as a couple.
Many thanks again
Elaine & Trevor Spencer.

I feel better prepared and more knowledgeable as didn’t know anything.  My worries have actually disappeared.  I learnt a lot on both courses (antenatal class & BabyCalm) and the style was very relaxing, interactive and fun.  I would recommend Beautiful Births antenatal classes and BabyCalm to a friend.

I feel more prepared and feel i know all so could deal with situations as they arrive with knowledge.  Both antenatal class and BabyCalm were really good.

I would recommend the classes.  Worth every penny.  More informative than standard classes.

Just finished the four-week baby calm course run by the lovely Erika and it was fantastic. The CD included in the course price, has been amazing when combined with other baby calming techniques. My EBF baby (20 weeks old) is sleeping well – all night or just one feed per night (with the exception of the odd growth spurt – which you can’t prevent). It’s been a long journey but the information and techniques I gained from this course have made the hard times easier because at least I understood what my baby was going through. Thanks Erika.

Attending Erika’s classes were the highlight of my week.  I always looked forward to them and Edward and I both came away more relaxed.  I have recommended BabyCalm to all my friends.  it is the most enjoyable baby activity i have done so far!  Shame it had to end!  Great cake too!

I liked the relaxed teaching style and teh group discussion.  I also liked the way Erika ran over if all the points had not been covered.    Charlotte and Edward

(RE Antenatal BabyCalm workshop) I was very anxious about how I would respond to my crying baby and now after the course I feel prepared and not too anxious.  I have learnt things that will be useful and this has prepared me well.  Natasha and Tom.

Thankyou Erika for such a positive, informative and empowering day at the BabyCalm & Breastfeeding classes. Natasha feels more confident about breastfeeding  & understanding why babies cry. We all enjoyed the day and will highly recommend Beautiful Births and BabyCalm classes to any expectant parents to be. Anna – Natasha’s Mum

The Antenatal BabyCalm workshop was very useful, practical information, tips and techniques delivered in a non-judgemental, common sense manner. It is different from what’s available in books or other NHS classes. Thoroughly enjoyed it!  Suranjita

Thank you so, so very much for the time you spent with us today. I feel so much more empowered and positive for the first time in months. You have been such a blessing to us today!

We look forward to next Saturday’s class.

Best wishes,

“LOVED the workshop today!(antenatal BabyCalm) And the cake! Thank you providing such fantastic wisdom, information and a beautiful atmosphere for us all xxx”   Daniella

Erika was fantastic and helped us make the small but giant leap in getting to breasfeed successfully; by providing the right piece of help at exactly the right time. Three weeks in our post forceps baby was still not breastfeeding. I had done all the good groundwork of skin on skin, pipetting expressed breast milk and getting good quality time around the breast, etc. but being overwhelmed at the time as to how to progress and being somewhat distraught at the journey so far we needed that little bit of extra help. Erika assessed us both carefully and made just the right intervention which meant we started proper breastfeeding that very evening. We haven’t looked back since and now, 2 months on, we are happily breastfeeding and grateful for it!! Thank you Erika. Highly recommended to other mums..
Jo Osborne.

I hired Erika for my post-natal care and it turned out to be a very wise investment. Erika was professional, knowledgable, compassionate and non-judgemental, all of the traits I needed through such a sensitive and challenging time. Erika identified a problem with my new born which went un-noticed by Paediatricans and resolved the issue promptly. She also proved to be a strong advocate for me in ensuring the relevent NHS professionals did their job, a stress I didn’t need! She comes with my emphatic recommendation.~Kelly Doherty

Thank you so much for devoted support during my pregnancy and above all during the birth of our son, Dylan Arthur Busbridge (born of the sea). Your care has been like ebb and flow of the sea, a wave of advice and then some space, coming close to shore or taking a step back. Labour and birth were amazing! I really felt held and warmly surrounded, yet free too. Jessie de Sutter Busbridge

‘Breastfeeding my daughter Mari has been challenging at times.  I felt that I needed more support and was very fgrateful when our homeopath  recommended Erika.  Erika visited me at home and gave me lots of invauable advice which gave me the confidence to carry on.  She also helped me to resolve a tongue tie issue which had gone unoticed at Mari’s birth.  It made a real difference to the breastfeeding as I found it very uncomfortable up to that point.  Now Mari is almost five months old and we are a happy breastfeeding team.’


‘I would highly recommend Erika to any woman considering having a child.
I used her services for whole package from ante natal care,  birthing care and post natal care, and it was the best money i have ever spent. She removed all my fears around birthing and helped me to have a manageable, informed birth during which i felt in control. she has a great skill of being able to read people and tune in to your needs and has helped me change my mind that giving birth would be awful, when infact it was the greatest moment of my life!

Erika is a qualified,  experienced &  highly professional midwife, who gives the  industry she works in a good name.

She has excellent & current  knowledge on all aspects of ante natal care, birthing options, post natal care & being a parent! She was exactly what i had been searching for.

parenting course, post natal care dorset, postnatal care hampshire

Ante Natal Care
The NHS ante natal care I received  was extremely limited, and sometimes incomplete. i saw 4 ante natal midwives, appointments were 10 minutes, i had to push to get urine tested due to incomplete equipment, limited information was offered, and i  certainly received  no care to my mental well being. i was often told by the midwives they were running late and felt rushed.

As a successful business woman working for investment bank & deciding to have my first child at 39, I realised i wanted a better service & at 36 weeks i’d had enough & seeked a professional midwifery service privately. The first person i found online turned out to no longer be working in NHS and had no credentials, so please follow up references and dont be afraid to ask questions!

Erika provided all requested details of her midwifery qualifications & listings, and encouraged me to follow up references, which i did with both Dorchester hospital where she works & has great reputation! ;-) as well as Poole hospital where i had my baby. They verified they work closely with independent midwives successfully, including erika and her team.

Care Throughout Birthing
Having recently moved from London where midwives allegedly see 2-4 women at a time during labour, i had heard horror stories of negligence during labour, resulting in vital information being missed. eg monitoring of baby’s heart rate & oxygen levels.
I used Erika’s  services throughout the birth, reassured she was on call for me 24/7 from the moment i employed her.

After going 2 weeks overdue, erika booked induction for me at Poole, and came with us for whole event.This included returing at 4am when waters broke!

After 36 hours of labour i did not progress; both me & baby were becoming exhausted & distressed.  Erika was my advocate and facilitated a safe birth in difficult circumstances.  I genuinely believe Max is in great health without issues because of Erika’s care.

post natal care
Fantastic.  Erika spent as much time as i needed and i NEVER felt rushed. She offered a knowledgable and balanced view point on every area requested: breatsfeeding, she demo’d how to bath baby, which creams to use/ not to- views on different books to read, how regularly to feed baby, when its good to start establishing regular sleep patterns, the lot!

She is considered a family friend now, and has formed a bond with myself, my finace loic & baby max and i will be ringing her when i have my second child!


‘Your antenatal support really helped change my perception of the whole birth experience. I’m so happy to have learnt to see it as a positive experience and continue to do so. A valuable lesson to pass on to my daughter.’


“you were just what we were looking for – proffesional, committed and fun”

Andrea and Loic

“Erika was a breath of fresh air to us.  She explained and made us feel comfortable and relaxed about ourselves.  Her teaching methods were easy to understand adn follow.  I wish she could be my midwife.”

Janet Wong and Laurent Brunteau

“A big thank you from both Lewis and myself for the ante-natal course.  The day was just what we wanted – packed full of helpful information and presented in such a friendly and relaxed way.  We really do now feel prepared for the birth of our baby.

Thanks once again,

Lewis, Jen and Bump

“Very relaxed, personal and fun.  I’ll miss them (the classes)…..  We both had fun, plenty of giggles and feel much better prepared and excited about our next big step.”

Kate and Uri Smilansky

“Erika was one of my midwives at my son’s birth and I wanted to say how lucky we were to have her.  She was amazing, calm and very reassuring (and gave great back massages during labour).  I could not have had my beautiful home birth without her help.  I cannot recommend her enough.  Post natal care was also excellent. She gave me as much help and time as I needed and I never felt rushed.  She helped my son and I master the invaluable art of breastfeeding lying down in bed!  I cannot recommend her enough. I hope she will be there for the birth of my next child.”


postnatal care wessex, postnatal care dorset, babycalm

“I had problems with breastfeeding from the very start. I had lots of help, but no one seemed to know what was wrong.  Erika supported us over the phone due to long distance. She was so willing to help and gave me lots of her time. It was Erika who worked out the cause of the breast feeding problem.  Even after seeing a specialist who checked my baby for tongue tie we were told ‘its only a minor tongue-tie and we didnt need to worry

The first five weeks of my baby’s life were so stressful because of the feeding problem…. Erika told us to insist on seeing the specialist again and to get the tongue tie sorted. It was hard to convince the midwives in our area but finally after lots of pleading we were seen by a specialist again and the tongue tie was snipped. Suddenly my baby fed perfectly as soon as it was done! Erika was spot on!

We felt truly supported by Erika.  I cant thank her enough..”


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