Wessex Independent Midwives

Wessex Independent Midwives

Caroline and Chrissy are my collegues in Wessex Independent Midwives. We are all very experienced midwives who have chosen to work in private practice outside of the National Health Service in a self-employed capacity.

We all share a similar ethos which is to support mothers and partners in their pregnancy choices.  We are all passionate about our work and value our position in the community.

We all have our own skills.  Together we cover a whole range of services for pregnancy, birth and the first few months of parenthood.

  • Independent Midwifery Care
  • Debriefing and second opinions
  • Antenatal classes
  • Hypno birthing and Mindful Mama Classes
  • Baby Calm classes including baby massage techniques
  • Birth Art
  • Breast feeding support
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Mother and baby groups

In fact, if we aren’t offering a service you want please let us know!

Caroline Baddiley Dip HE RM Cert Ed – Mindful Mamma Hypnobirth Practitioner

After qualifying as a direct entry midwife in 1994, I worked for four years in a midwife-led unit. I then left the NHS and have worked as an Independent Midwife since 1998. I chose to leave the NHS as I wanted to work as a truly autonomous practitioner and offer complete care to women from early pregnancy, through labour and birth and in the postnatal time.


I am still amazed by pregnancy and birth as each one is so different and wonderful. Midwives can learn so much from the women they care for once they have helped create a safe emotional and physical space for the woman to grow and birth her baby.

We have a grown-up daughter and a son who was born at home many years ago. Our daughter has two lovely little sons and we adore being their grandparents.

Years ago we lived in Southern Ireland and brought our children up there. I may have always been a midwife at heart. I used to go to friends’ births, nearly all of which were at home and they would ask me to go to support them. We hadn’t heard of doulas at that time! I later spent time with an Irish independent midwife, going to more homebirths with her and absorbing pure midwife knowledge and learning about how womens’ bodies work in birth.

I now support women to give birth at home and also in hospital if need be, helping to make the experience the most positive and empowering as it can be. I love waterbirths as they are usually so calm and gentle.

I also work part-time for a Sure Start Children’s Centre, providing enhanced midwife care for vulnerable or disadvantaged families. I have met some amazing and interesting women in this area of work too and there is always more to be learnt.

Chrissy Hustler Bsc(hons) Rm , RGN

I have practiced as a midwife for over twenty years, and have been privileged to be at many, many births. I have four children, varying in ages from sixteen years upwards, and five beautiful grandchildren. I feel especially privileged at being present at all their births. I feel passionately about the power of birth and how it can be such a tremendously rewarding and empowering, albeit, hard work, experience. I recognise the impact birth has not just for the woman but for her family as well.


I believe women have the right to choose the type of care they receive and where they birth their babies. I also wholeheartedly believe if a woman is comfortable and feels secure she will labour more effectively. She needs to feel safe and supported and this is best achieved by being cared for by a midwife she has grown to know and trust, in a relationship of mutual respect and understanding. This is the ethos of the care I offer.

I have worked for many years as a community midwife before stepping outside of the NHS to work in partnership in independent practice. I am now free to work in a way I feel is best suited to my ideals. I am particularly happy to care for women who want to birth at home, and or in water as this is where my expertise lies, although I am able to offer care within local hospitals if that is what you prefer. I am also happy to offer care to a woman who have had a caesarean section or a previous traumatic birth experience or a woman who just wants to know her midwife will be there for her, to support her when she needs her most.

I really believe women need information about labour and childbirth choices before labour commences, and therefore I offer antenatal education in classes or on an individual basis to all my clients, and am happy to discuss your personal needs on an individual basis.

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